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We use a variety of methods to deliver the best talent for our clients - Globally

Retained Search

Providing innovative and sophisticated search methodologies to identify, engage and attract single targeted individuals, execute multiple hire requirements or undertake entire tax team builds – globally. Over 80% of the global workforce in the tax sector are not actively looking for a new role at any given time and are subsequently unavailable through standard recruitment channels such as company website adverts, 3rd party job boards or contingent recruitment agencies. Our retained searches galvanise this 80% of passive talent in the market and facilitate the acquisition of the best tax professionals for our clients globally. Our services are fully customisable depending on agreed requirements in terms of the size and scope of the project and the pricing structure adopted.

Exclusive Search

We appreciate that on some occasions a retained search may not represent the best solution for our clients. As such, we offer a very effective solution in this scenario and can utilise the majority of our search capabilities by agreeing to work exclusively on a particular role without the upfront payment of a retainer fee. With 20 years of tax industry experience, knowledge and contacts our global network is a powerful search resource in its own right without the need for a full talent mapping project. We maintain strong relationships with thousands of tax specialists across the globe in addition to continuously developing new relationships and contacts. This ensures that we’re always aware of the best talent in the market and enables us to offer prompt and effective search solutions to our clients when needed.

Talent Mapping 

Detailed mapping of competitors or related industry teams in order to execute strategic hires quickly and discretely. Not only will we map agreed target organisations in order to pinpoint the exact talent required to satisfy a client mandate we also provide definitive candidate profiling that delivers a 360 degree review of each potential candidate. This streamlines the recruitment process and allows clients to select target candidates that will be a perfect fit for their vacancy from a technical and wider cultural perspective.


Competitor & Market Intelligence

Providing up to date, bespoke and exclusive market insight to our clients in respect of industry and competitor activity. Our business intelligence offering provides clients with the opportunity to analyse competitors through our bespoke business and talent mapping solutions. These maps can be tailored to client needs however are generally focused around providing an insight into competitors departments and team structures in addition to information regarding their market activity and strategy.

Bespoke Services – Talk To Us

Tax Team Builds

We have successfully worked with our clients in various industries to build in-house tax functions from scratch. We have also worked with our clients in professional services to attract the highest revenue generating Tax Partners in the market to their firm. If you’re looking to build a tax team please contact us to discuss how we can help. 

Tax Structured Finance Introductions

We have acted as an introducer to various counterparties in tax related structured finance transactions in the banking and fund sectors. Talk to us if you have capacity or attributes that you would like to utilise. 

Tax Advice & Service Introductions

Due to our position in the market, we maintain relationships with the leading global providers of various tax advice and services. If you’re looking for specific tax advice or services and want to know who the market leader is in the provision of that advice or service then please get in touch as we can advise on this and make the relevant introduction. 

Practice Mergers

We maintain relationships with the senior leadership teams of our clients and as a by-product of these relationships have advised on a number of practice mergers. If you’re looking to grow your business through acquisition or integrate your existing practice into a larger organisation please get in touch.

Diversity Consulting & Competitor Benchmarking

Diversity and inclusion is currently at the top of many organisations list of priorities to address or re-evaluate. We have worked with several clients to help them embed diverse hiring strategies into their recruitment processes. We have also developed a search methodology that identifies candidates from a particular gender or ethnic background in order to increase the volume of candidates from a particular demographic in our shortlists and in turn have assisted our clients in achieving their diversity targets. Contact us to learn more about how we can help in this area.