We reviewed our data on tax vacancies across Commerce & Industry, Financial Services and Professional Services in 2020 and compared this to our data for the same period in 2019 to provide insight on how the coronavirus has impacted different areas of the tax market.

Key Findings

Overall tax vacancies in 2020 are running at 48% compared to last year

Vacancies in Accountancy firms remain at 66% of the total number of open roles as per 2019

Tax roles within London are 58% of the total across the UK

In 2019 for the same period it was 43%

In the last 90 days other than accountancy firms the top 5 sectors releasing new tax vacancies were…

  1. Insurance
  2. Investment Finance
  3. Retail
  4. Software & Computer Servicing
  5. Commercial Banking

In 2019…

1.Investment Finance
2.Software and Computer Servicing
4.Commercial Banking
5.Media Broadcasting  & Publishing

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